About Me

Here is a little about me...

I was born and raised in the Central and East parts of El Paso.  My hobby as of age 5 has been dancing.  I LOVE TO DANCE! I had the joy, pleasure and tough love (discipline) of Sandra Welch, Dana Joyce, and Hector Serrano that influenced my life and helped shape my character.  My parents had the most influence on who I am today.  I grew up in a loving and strict home environment; for this I am eternally grateful as it defines who I am.

As an educator, I feel that is it my responsibly to partner with my students’ parents to nurture, encourage, and educate our youth.  I have high expectation for all my students and will help them reach his/her own potential…and then encourage them just a little more!!  Developing character is just as important to me…I will encourage you to be a better “you” as students make me a better “me.” 

Compassion and sincerity drive me each day.  I will give you my best every day; I ask my students reciprocate!  We are all human, first and foremost, so your best is all I ask for day in and day out!

Lastly, I, too, am an EPISD parent!  What I give my students is exactly what I would expect of my son’s teachers in the years to come-high expectations coupled with a hand that supports and a hand that encourages! 

My education

  • I attended Crockett, Coldwell and Glen Cove Elementary schools.
  • I attended 7th grade at Desert View Middle School and 8th grade at Indian Ridge Middle School.
  • I attended graduated from J. M. Hanks High School.
    •  I graduated in 1994.
  • I attended EPCC (Trans mountain Campus) to complete my basics.
  • In 1996, I transferred to St. Mary's University, in San Antonio, Texas.
    • I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and certified to teach secondary education (6th - 12th grades) in 2000. 
  • After teaching several years, I attended the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) as I taught full time. 
    • I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership in 2009.

My teaching experience
I started teaching in 2001, in San Antonio, Texas at Luther Burbank High School (SAISD). 

I proudly taught the Burbank Bulldogs for nine great years. 

In addition, I become the director of the Orange Jackets Spirit Organization (cheer, dance and pep squad teams) in 2003 until I resigned, to relocate back home, in June 2010.

I, eagerly, became an Andress High School Golden Eagle in October 2010.

Teaching is my gift!  I embrace it and nurture it in all ways I can! 
I am always willing to learn more!