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World History Masquerade Ball

Historical  Masquerade  ball

Our 1st Annual Masquerade Ball was a lot of fun. Students outdid themselves with their costumes and biographies. Characters included Egyptian queens, Native Americans, Presidents, Renaissance patrons
and religious prophets. The food
was superb as well. Tune in for
next year's sequel!



The kids worked extremely hard on their costumes and biographies. the food was to die for. here's a few pics.



We had a Great turnout for the holocaust museum visit

Thanks to all who attended the museum trip. It was a pleasure meeting your parents....again!


holocaust remembered




war eagles air museum visit was a success!

Thanks to all the students, parents, and teachers for making the museum visit a success. This was our largest group ever.
this group did andress proud!


Please enjoy the pictures and the music.



War Eagles Air Museum

Click here to visit the official website
During Spring Break-On Tuesday, take a ride out to the Air Museum. Flyers with details will be offered to those who are interested. Pick one up by the end of the day Friday (March 11th) G.Y.O.R. (get your own ride) Meet at the airport by 12:45. Bring something to write with. Admission is free, but bring $1 for a donation.