World History Course Overview


World History  Part a/B

    In this course we will cover 50,000 years of human existence. From pre-history to post- 9-11. Stone Age to Space Age. Neolithic to I-Pod Nano. Every student can hopefully find one or two or a
dozen topics interesting in this course. 
All students are required to  bring a notebook/binder
and pencil/pen each day. A classroom set
of textbooks and workbooks are provided.
Let's Git R Done!

*prehistory                                * mesoamerica
*river valley cultures                    *the renaissance
*classical greece                         *the age of discovery
*classical rome                           *scientific revolution               
*classical china/india                   *industrial revolution
*ancient religions                         *american/french revolutions
*classical laws and customs            *columbian exchange
*plagues and death                      *the rise of the West
*rise/fall of classical empires          *the great war
*medieval worlds                          *world war II
*the split within the                      *modern/current events

and much, much more...