Foreign Language Contract

French Contract

Madame Ellis


 The following are the expectations for all of us to have a successful school year.  Please visit my website with your student where you will find their syllabus, classroom supplies, Schoology account, Remind & all other information necessary.

This is your first assignment worth 100 points due the second week of school to ensure that you have plenty of time to review all the important information on my website. *10 points will be deducted per week.

1. I will attend all classes every day with the supplies I need and participate.
2. I will complete and turn in all assignments in a timely manner.
3. I will treat my teacher and classmates with kindness and respect.

4. I will follow all Campus and Classroom rules, Eagle P.R.I.D.E. Matrix.
5. I will not use my cell phone in class for any purpose, educational or personal.
6. I will have my laptop or ipad in class with me at all times.

1. I will ensure that my child attends school regularly and on time.
2. I will ensure that my child follows Andress’ P.R.I.D.E. Matrix Expectations.
3. I will support PBIS expectations and discipline policies and procedures.
4. I will provide appropriate attire and school supplies.
5. I understand my student is not allowed to use his/her cell phone in class for any reason, educational or personal.
6. I will ensure my student has the appropriate device (laptop, ipad) for classwork and homework.

1. Be a positive role model for the student.
2. Encourage student to do their best work, always.
3. Develop lesson plans that are designed to raise student achievement.
4. Provide the highest quality instruction and explain assignments clearly and completely.
5. Be prompt, have good attendance & be available.
6. Enforce all rules fairly and firmly and maintain a well-managed classroom.

7. Communicate with student and parent(s) as required, on the students' progress.

 (  ) Please place a check mark if your child has access to a computer and Internet outside of school hours.

(  ) My parent(s) and I have read through Madame Ellis’ website for my French course. 

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Parent _________________________________    Date ____________________________      

Parent Phone # ________________________________

Parent e-mail address ____________________________________________________________