Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness Syllabus

 Lifetime Nutrition & Wellness            

Syllabus 2014-15 


Mrs. Lyanne Tuton                                                                                    
Phone:  (915) 832-8600                              
 Lecture Rm. B200                         
Tutoring Hours:  by appointment only

Online grade book: TEAMS



Personal Nutrition                                                                        
Lost Textbook Fee: $55.00

Guide to Good Food                                                          
Lost textbook Fee:  $41.50     


Life Nutrition and Wellness is a course to prepare students for a life of good nutrition.  The Course Curriculum focuses on basic nutrition, good health choices, and safety and sanitation and basic food preparation.   This laboratory course allows students to use principles of lifetime wellness and nutrition to help them make informed choices that promote wellness as well as pursue careers related to hospitality and tourism, education and training, human services, and health sciences.  Team work is essential to success in the class.



Timeline will vary due to in-season produce and other factors


Unit 1: Introduction to the class                     


Unit 2: Food in your life

The Amazing world of Food

The Food Supply

Food Science and Technology


Unit 3: Nutrition Basics

The Nutrients







Health and Wellness

Food Decisions

The Food Pyramid


Nutritional Guidelines

Unit 4: Safety and Sanitation

ServSafe Certification

Preparing and Serving Safe Food                         

Preventing Accidents and Injuries

Industry Standards


Unit 5:  Kitchen Basics

Basic Skills and cooking terms

Reading recipes

Measuring and equivalents

Cooking methods

Equipping the Kitchen

Lab procedures


Unit 6: Food Preparation

Baking:  Quick and Yeast Breads

Pastry & Cookies

Fruits & Vegetables


Dairy & Eggs

Meats, Seafood and Poultry


You are expected to develop a notebook of your work and accomplishments.  Your notebook/portfolio will be turned in each 9 weeks as part of your semester exam grade.  You are to be prepared for class each day with paper, pencil, notebook, and other supplies required. Textbooks and other resources may be checked out as needed. Students must reimburse the school for lost textbooks and damaged resources.



Students are required to attend class for at least 90% of the days the class is offered (TAC Section 25.092(a).  The Board of Trustees authorizes each campus to establish an Attendance Appeal's Committee.  Parents/Guardian will receive a written notice indicating the denial of credit for each class when the student is absent more than 90%.  An appeal must be made within thirty days of receiving the denial of credit notice (FEC Legal, FEC Local, and FEC Regulation).

Tardy Consequences:

If students are tardy during the first 5 minutes of class, the teacher will assign lunch detention.  If students are tardy after 5 minutes, they will be sent to the Attendance Office and must serve 2 lunch detentions on the day assigned by an attendance office staff or administrator.



Please try not to miss class!  It is your responsibility to ask for work following an absence.  Students will be notified by the teacher the due date for excused absences assignments.  Students who have unexcused absences shall have 3 days from the date of their return to school to make up missed work, and the final grade shall be reduced by 25%.  Under special circumstances, other arrangements may be considered. 

Labs:  if absence is “excused”, student will prepare recipe at home. Student will turn in both a parent note witnessing recipe preparation and a picture or sample of item.



Daily work will be completed individually unless specified by the teacher. Please ask for assistance when needed. Students who share answers will share a grade of a “0” on the evaluation.



Please take care of using the restroom, getting a drink of water, etc. before class begins. Use of hall passes will be kept to a minimum.  No hall passes during the first and last 15 minutes of class, nor during lab, presentations, or class discussion of day’s lesson. Please do not leave the classroom unless absolutely necessary.



Handouts, quizzes, reports, group projects, portfolios, labs, and other daily work equals 90% of nine-week grades, and tests and quizzes will be 10% of nine-week grades.  Semester Grade will be calculated from: 45% - 1st 9 weeks
45% - 2nd 9 weeks
10% - semester exam

90 - 100 = A
80 -  89 = B  
75 -  79 = C
74 -  70 = D
69 and under = F


Three Rules

  1. Be Respectful
    • Respect your teacher, classmates, equipment, and supplies.
  2. Demonstrate Professionalism
    • Attendance, Punctuality, Teamwork, Courtesy, Attitude, Service, Language, Behavior, Noise Level, Rule Following, and Quality/Pride in Student Work. 
    • Proper Attire:
      • Labs: closed toe shoes, hair suspended by hair net or hat, clean apron, roll long sleeves, keep fingernails short, refrain from wearing jewelry, and no make-up application or grooming.  Also follow AHS dress code.
      • Non-lab Days: Follow AHS dress code. 
  3. Follow Food Safety and Sanitation Guidelines
  • Wear appropriate attire and practice good personal hygiene.
  • Hand Washing, Equipment and Chemical Handling, Recipe Following, Laboratory Management, and all Food Safety and Sanitation Practices learned from course content.



Electronic Consequences:

1st Offense:  Teacher will take electronic device and send to office with discipline referral with  parent pick up and meeting with administration required.                                            

Failure to follow the above rules will result in the following disciplinary action:

  1. Verbal Warning
  2. Moved to Different Location/Student Teacher Conference
  3. Parent Conference with teacher via phone
  4. Parent Conference with teacher at school
  5. Send student to the office with a disciplinary referral.

Note: Any severe disruption (fighting, disruptive language or behavior, etc.) will result in immediate removal of student from the classroom to administration.




Student’s Name________________________________________




I ___________________________ have read through the NUTRTION Syllabus and Course Guidelines.  I agree to follow, demonstrate, and meet the requirements and policies listed above.  I understand that I am responsible for my both my grade and behavior.  I will strive to meet all guidelines and rules to be successful in this course.  


Student Signature: _______________________Date: ___


Parent/Guardian Signature  ________________ Date: ______   


Phone: ___________________


Parent Comments or Questions:



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