Cafeteria Serving Times

Cafeteria Serving Times
Posted on 03/26/2015



BREAKFAST is served from 7:30 – 8:35.

Students will not be served breakfast after 8:35.


There are NO exceptions, nor any exception based on class or sport. 



LUNCH is served from 11:40 – 12:40.

Students will not be served lunch after 12:40.

Exceptions are only made by an administrator. Please see the main office.

Students are always given the opportunity to eat breakfast or lunch. If a student does not have $ for breakfast or lunch, or owes $ to the cafeteria, an alternative meal will be served (generally a cheese sandwich.)

No student is denied lunch because they cannot pay.

The cafeteria staff are only able to determine which students do not have $ or owe $ after the student has passed through the lunch line and gives the staff their lunch number. If a student questions whether or not they fall into this category, they can bypass the lunch line and ask the cafeteria staff to look up their lunch number before getting a regular lunch meal.

*A daily automated phone call is sent home only when a student has a negative balance. Please be aware of your lunch balance. Regular meals cannot be served if the lunch balance is $0.00 or if the lunch cost will leave a negative balance in the student’s account.