Community and Parent Involvement Plan

Mission Statement

We pledge your voice to be our voice,
Your child to be our child.
We will:

  • Educate–Engage–Empower every Family
  • Partner with all families, students, community and staff to foster Academic Success
  • and graduate students who are college and career ready!


The Family Engagement Team will be a Recognized and Innovative Leader in Schools, Families and Community Engagement that will support our goal of ensuring students who graduate are College and Career Ready.


Goal 1: All Family Engagement staff will proactively contribute to organizational excellence.

  • Title I compliance
  • District Policy
  • Department norms

Goal 2: Technology will be a fully integrated means for family engagement.

  • Tool kit
  • District website
  • School websites
  • Social media

Goal 3: Each family will be equipped to facilitate the highest level of success for the child/ren.

  • Achievement
  • College and career ready
  • Dual Capacity

Goal 4: Partnerships between the home and school will be strengthened in order to increase shared responsibility and trust.

  • Dual Capacity

2016-2017 School Calendar
2016-2017 Student Assessment Calendar

Parent Resources:
Parent Resources

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