Common Language & Procedures

Consequence Level:

What you will hear:


I need you to…

Verbal Warning-

This is the second time ______. Next time, you will be asked to process.


I need you to process.

We believe AHS students will display EAGLE PRIDE behaviors and appreciate processing as an opportunity to start over and take advantage of their second chance.


Processing Steps:

  1. Accept the process.
  2. Walk to the buddy classroom.
  3. Wait outside the door to be acknowledged. If the door is shut, knock twice.
  4. Enter the room and go to the designated location.
  5. Do not interact or disrupt any students.
  6. Complete the process form.
  7. Wait for the teacher to check completeness before submitting online.
  8. Redo, if asked.
  9. Leave when you are excused.
  10. Return to your classroom, respectfully.