Benoit, Henry

As a member of this class the student will

1) Show respect to himself or herself, others, and the classroom.
•        Will be Prompt

•        Will be Polite

•        Will not use ‘put downs’ or harass others

•        Will respect other people’s differences and opinions

•        Will positively participate in all classroom activities

•        Will stay on task without disturbing or distracting others

•        Will not steal from others

2) Be prepared and give my best effort.


•        Be Prepared

•        Will complete all assignments on time

Do nothing to keep the teacher from teaching and anyone, myself included, from learning.


•        Will raise my hand to speak

•        Will actively listen when the teacher is speaking

Will not use any electronic equipment.

Failure to Follow these Rules:

1. Verbal Student Warning

2. Change of Seats (if it because of talking with others)

3. Talking electronic equipment (if student is breaking rule 4)

4. Detention after school on Tuesday or Wednesday

5. Student Referral and Detention