Ellis, Sofia

Bonjour et bienvenus à la Rentrée 2017-2018



Dear Parents & Students,

   Welcome back to school! I hope you all had a great and relaxing summer.  M
y name is Sofía Ellis, a.k.a. Madame Ellis. I will be your son/daughter's French teacher this year. I teach French I and II, grade levels 9th-12th. 

The students will be working on different projects throughout the school year which will enable them to apply what they learn to the real world. They will be listening to authentic French video clips and music from the different Francophone countries. Some of these projects will enhance cultural, historical and present day knowledge from all the different French speaking countries around the world.

I give students a minimum of 18 grades in a nine week period. They include a daily Bellringer and Participation assignment, as well as individual or group classwork. Their projects count for a minimum of two grades each. The students will be given specific instructions, a rubric and will be notified ten days in advance to prepare. Students will have their own Laptop assigned to them and will use them daily for all assignments and projects.

Here, you will find all necessary information about my classes, i.e., my Classroom Expectations, Syllabus as well as the list of materials needed for my class,etc.

If you wish to contact me you may call the main number and make an appointment for us to meet. The school's number: 915.236.4000.
You may reach me through my Contact page or by email: esellis@episd.org
My Conference period is 4th period on A Day from 2:24-3:55.

Enchanté et Au Revoir!