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     Hello,  I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Mr. Seymour and I have been a proud teacher here at Andress High School since 2004

     If you are wondering what it is that I teach, I teach communication applications (Speech) and English IV.  You can find out more about the classes that I teach by clicking on the course name on the top of the screen.  This includes all of my rules and classroom expectations as well as the course syllabus for each class.

     also included is a link to schoology, a center for work for my classes.  students can access this page to do classwork they may have missed as well as on-line assignments such as various writing and research projects for the class, and view what assignments they may have missed and submit them on-line. 

     These are a few of the various on-line tools that I plan to set up to ensure the continued success of all of my students. You can also find out more about the various organizations that I sponser, including the Andress Anime Club. 

     If you meet any dead links, please let me know about it.