Griffes, James

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Welcome to Algebra 1 or  Algebra 2

You will be very busy this year and working very hard. If you work hard and do as you are asked this will be a very productive year and will prepare you for your next math course.

Expect homework every time you come to class. Homework in normally no more than 20 problems per assignment. If you do not complete the in-class work that adds to your nightly work. Utilize your time wisely.

We will be using a TI-Nspire calculator. If you are going to be taking a lot of math classes in the future it would be recommended you obtain this calculator. Classroom calculators will not leave the classroom.

Students will need paper and pencil for classwork and homework. Work done in pen will not be accepted. The student will have the opportunity to redo the work and turn it in by the end of the school day.