Galin, Christopher

Welcome to Mr. Galin's Chemistry Webpage!

I have been teaching at Andress High School for approximately 13 years now. I taught Integrated Physics & Chemistry for 6 years, Biology 1 year, and now Chemistry.  I have a B.S. in Fisheries and Wildlife Science from New Mexico State University, and Alternative Teacher Certification from Region 19 (8-12 Science Composite). I also have two years experience in Nursing School from EPCC (Fast Track Program). It is my number one priority to make sure my students succeed in class, and are well prepared for college!

Interactive Notebook:

Mr. Galin's students are responsible for keeping an interactive notebook and will count as a quiz grade. The notebook is used to teach students organizational skills, and to have a designated place for all of their work. Word to the wise...DO NOT LOSE YOUR NOTEBOOKS! You will usually get a daily grade for notes taken that class period.

Materials for my class:

1. Plastic Folder with 3 Prongs  (Includes Pockets)
2. Pack of College Ruled Paper.
2. Pack of Pen or Pencils
3. Colored Pencils and Markers
4. Cheap plastic pencil sharpener used for colored pencils! 

Bell Schedule for Chemistry

Tutoring Schedule TBA
Period 1 8:45AM-10:13AM
Period 2 10:18AM-11:54AM
Period 3 12:44PM-2:12PM
Period 4 2:17PM-3:45PM 

Period 5 8:45AM-10:13AM
Period 6 10:18AM-11:54AM
Period 7 12:44PM-2:12PM
Period 8 2:17PM-3:45PM