Military Leadership Club


            To enrich the minds of those living in the life of the military, experience the world around them, and open the opportunity to take control of their lives for what challenges lie ahead.

          The Andress High School Military Leadership Club is but a small part of the future- we strive on excellence, core values, and improving the lives of the military kids in our community. We were founded to be the finest of our generation and will uphold that standard as our basis for the years to come.

Ø      Excellence- To strive above all others

Ø      Teamwork-To see each other as family

Ø      Professionalism-To treat others with the respect we expect

Ø      Diversity-To show that we can be different, but be a family

Ø      Efficiency-To make this club a well-structured part of this community

Ø      Personal Learning-To enhance our minds in ways that will benefit our future

Dwain Gulley,  SFC US Army, Ret                                                          Phone:  915 236-4000                     E-mail:

Anna Montoya (president)
Phone: 915 526 7671                      

Jennifer Stone (vice President)
Phone: 915 539 1473